Barista Capsule


The barista capsule brings good coffee to more places.

On the engineering side, it’s Ford’s Model T: Durable, versatile, easy to maintain and simple. In its design, the Capsule boasts the ideal platform for today’s coffee makers to create drinks they are proud of, behind a counter they can take pride in.

Product shots

Each hand-built unit merges design aesthetics with the highest quality building materials, creating a mobile-capable component that feels permanent and worthwhile. The flared copper tube plumbing system and 100 amp electrical panel make the Capsule a robust distribution station of water and power that won’t quit.

Great coffee should travel well. Barista Capsules should bring it.

From the fully boxed steel tubing frame, to the Carrara marble countertops, Barista Capsules are purposely built to avoid the temporary and rickety aesthetic of pop-up shops, event displays, or a typical coffee cart. You can feel it like a good drinking glass in your hand; well balanced, strong and beautiful.

We think they’re perfect to put in offices, restaurants, grocery stores and once we get some Velcro on the feet, the International Space Station. But that’s just where we think. Tell us where you want it, what you want it to look like, and we’ll get it there.


Electrical cutaway


Plumbing cutaway


Structural cutaway

Configuration 1: Full Espresso

Two-group espresso machine, two grinders.


  • Average Output: 120 espresso drinks per hour.

  • Two group espresso machine (La Marzocco Strada).

  • (2) grinders (Mazzer Kony)

CONFIGURATION 2: Half Espresso, Half Coffee

Single Group espresso machine, two grinders, hot water tower


  • Average Output: 75 12oz cups of coffee/tea manual brewing per hour

  • One group espresso machine (La Marzocco Linea 1 group)

  • (2) grinders (Mazzer Kony)

  • Water tower (Fetco HWB-5)


Hot water tower or a batch brewer; two grinders.


  • Average Output: 126 12oz cups of coffee per hour, and 30 espresso drinks per hour

  • One group espresso machine (La Marzocco GS/3)

  • (2) grinders (Mazzer Kony)

  • Batch Brewer (Fetco CBS 2031s)

Barista Capsule Specs

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