What’s the difference between the Rover line and the Station line of Capsule products?

Both lines are modular, scalable, offer various hardware packages like sinks, water storage, and power distribution, but the main difference is the structure. The Rover line is built on a ruggedized welded aluminum tube chassis design that is great for moving your coffee bar across the city or further. Its 6.5” of travel under the chassis and large casters are perfect for maneuvering around obstacles.


What does the power panel do?

The power panel takes in one large dis-connectable power supply via a high voltage rugged cord. Each supply is roughly 50 amps of distributable 240volt power. Depending on the country configuration, the single stream of power is broken into smaller streams, safely. Each stream has a breaker and outlet specific to equipment typically used in that country. Think of it like a big surge protector under your desk for food and beverage equipment. It does not generate, amplify, or store power; it distributes.


Do I need a water line and a drain?

If available, it is best to supply the Capsule station with a facility water line and floor drain, especially if the station is fixed. If these things are not available, we do offer a water on-board package which stores and pressurizes up to 20 gallons of water. Each bar comes with a standard water package to distribute and filter water, but the on-board package adds a pump, motor, fresh and waste tanks, and various controls and plumbing line additions.


What does service look like after purchase?

After you purchase your bar, we will still be a resource to you for replacement parts, filters, or for rebranding requests. We’ll provide videos to show how to accomplish the easy stuff, and provide contact info of experienced espresso technicians to take care of any more intricate issues.


If I want to start with a Capsule Rover unit, can I grow into a stationary bar?

Of course; our entire line is based on scalable products. We also want to create a product that has long lasting value, and can be resold.


Do you manufacture inventory or to order? How long will it take to get my bar?

While we operate a production line of bars, we offer the customer many options in both finish and hardware packages, so each one is built to order. Mobile catering products have roughly 6 week lead time, and stationary bars, especially the larger ones, take about 8 weeks to manufacture.


Do you rent Capsule products?

We focus on manufacturing and do not offer rentals at this time.


Do you offer financing?

We have several great financing partner options. Please email us to ask how to get started with qualification. Additionally, you can apply here on our one page form.

Are Capsule products UL and NSF approved?

All components like sinks, pitcher rinsers, draft components, and other plumbing hardware that is expected to carry an NSF rating does in carry one. We use premium components in our assemblies. Likewise, the power system uses UL certified components and the power panel is certified. At the top level assembly of the Rover or Station, UL and NSF ratings are pending, since the design changes in small ways on those regularly. Please ask us for more information on this if you are concerned. We have not had this issue cause a Capsule operator from opening.