We are a DESIGN-BUILD manufacturing company creating the highest quality service bars on the market. 

We have elevated the bar from a plywood half thought to an engineered machine.

The bar affects every aspect of your cafe, from visuals to workflow to lifecycle costs, and we give it the attention it deserves. We set out to create flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use bars that can be ordered to your exact specs. 

Capsule units are durable, versatile, easy to maintain and simple. In their design, our units boast the ideal platform for the food and beverage industry to serve behind a counter they can take pride in.



Meet the Team


Chad Bowker


With a Masters in Finance from Georgetown University and a decade of supply chain experience, Chad oversees the company from product offering to P&L. 


Wade Wright

VP and Chief Engineer

With a mechanical engineering degree from UCSD and experience in both the defense and energy industries, Wade oversees detailed product design and manufacturing.